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Porcupine fish are fish belonging to the family Diodontidae (order Tetraodontiformes), also commonly known as blowfish and, sometimes, balloon fish and globefish.

There's no moral difference between the animals, birds, fish, and insects we hunt, those we use for entertainment, those we kill for food and use as commodities, and those we love as members of our families. All animals, birds, fish and insects are sentient and have a right to live. Go vegan and stay vegan for them. It's the least we can do. Start here: www.befairbevegan.com Adopt, spay and neuter your companion animals!

There's no moral difference between the animals, birds, fish, and insects we…

babies; This is kind of weird but I like it because I'm a science/life nerd like that

new life - Red-eyed tree frogs (Agalychnis calladryas) glue their egg clutches to the undersides of leaves.

We have a lamp like this. This looks like it could be a floor lamp would love to find one.

Buy your Fly Fishing Pole Floor Lamp here. A great fit for a fishing themed bedroom, the Fly Fishing Pole Floor Lamp will look wonderful in a little boy's room.

DIY Baby Fish Costume Tutorial

(20 crafty days of halloween) diy baby fish costume

DIY Baby Fish Halloween Costume from is totally easy to make and only requires minimal sewing skills!

Have you ever seen a baby octopus?

Baby octopuses are notoriously difficult to keep alive in captivityas in, almost impossible. Like their adult parents, they’re sensitive to water pH and temperature and all of that jazz.

Baby stingrays...<<< they look like little raviolis

Baby Rays, by Jonathan Selwood-Hogg -- "Cute. Those aren't eyes, they are the nostrils but it looks like a little face." // This photo is often shared with a caption that reads "Baby stingrays look like raviolis stuffed with tiny damned souls".


(20 crafty days of halloween) diy baby fish costume

Baby Fish Protector - Aquarium & Terrarium Ceramic Glazed Decoration - Coral Motif Cichlid Breeding Fry Hiding Shelter - OOAK - RTS by FishLuv on Etsy https://www.etsy.com/listing/228798034/baby-fish-protector-aquarium-terrarium

What a wonderful alternate to a normal banister! What an excellent use of space! The benefits of these kinds of tank decor are they do not require any preparation, maybe a fast wash to get

is a Shark a mammal or fish? That is the question that is perhaps most commonly asked when talking about sharks. Since sharks give birth to pups, and a few species lay eggs, the common consensus is that sharks are mammals.  Across the board, though, 70% of all sharks give birth, while the remaining 30% lay eggs. Sharks are actually fish, which is sure to be a surprise to many.

Types of Sharks: a Mammal or Fish? About Facts and Other Interesting Questions

I Love Orcas! Orca Mom with calf.they touch one another often to express comfort and love. This continues for two years