Awwww... Can't wait until Pixie and Crickets babies look like this ❤️

Love the budgie sorry I put this in littlest pet shops I meant to put it in animals

Parakeet the stages of a baby parakeet from the egg to when he looks like a normal bird  creepy but also interesting.

Development of a budgie, from hatching to adulthood. This entire process takes only 40 days , from Iryna

Baby parakeets

Baby parakeets

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Talk Budgies is a website for budgie owners and enthusiasts to earn about best practices for budgie care

Teach Your Parakeet to Love You.

Teach Your Parakeet to Love You

Newborn Parakeet--well, not quite ready to wing it yet.   Homely little baby- ends up so pretty!

I may not have all my feathers, but I am stll adorable. Baby Parakeet New born Parakeet, originally uploaded by floridapfe