Homemade udder balm for your cows, goats, or sheep. (And it's good for your own hands as well!)

Homemade Udder Balm

Homemade Udder Salve (For Cows and Goats) ounce beeswax 1 ounce shea butter 1 ounce coconut oil 3 ounces calendula infused oil or make it yourself 2 drops lavender essential oil 2 drops melaleuca essential oil

DIY 2 Ingredient Crayon Lip Gloss

2 Ingredient Crayon Lipgloss

DIY Tea Bath Bombs | Rebecca's Soap Delicatessen - Pinterest | Bloglovin’

DIY Tea Bath Bombs (Rebecca's Soap Delicatessen - Pinterest)

After a busy summer, our pups paws were looking rough. We decided to whip up some homemade paw balm to sooth and heal her feet right up, and she loves it.

Easy homemade Paw Balm for Dogs and Cats - This Natural Dream We love this all natural DIY paw balm for our dogs rough paws. - My Doggy Is Delightful

A Blossoming Life: 5 Homemade Lip Balm Recipes

5 Homemade Lip Balm Recipes -

Naturally Tinted Lip Balm Ingredients oz coconut oil Tbsp) oz olive oil tbsp) oz cocoa butter tsp) oz beeswax tbsp) tsp vitamin E oil tsp essential oils (optional, experiment) -Alkanet Root Powder to your color preference.

30 Wedding Favors You Won't Believe Cost Under $1  G, I love the seeds, lip balm, and matches ideas... J

30 Wedding Favors You Won't Believe Cost Under $1


**WARNING: Melted candy can cause severe burns. Adult supervision required** ** If you like how I edited this video, please check out my other new channel wh.

Soothe and protect your pet’s sensitive skin with Bag Balm Pet Skin Moisturizer. With just four simple ingredients that have remained unchanged since it was first developed in 1899, Bag Balm is an incredibly versatile, long-lasting moisturizer that’s perfect for treating chafed, cracked, damaged skin on pets of all shapes and sizes. The alcohol-free, no-sting formula is made with Petrolatum to moisturize and Lanolin to soothe and soften; it’s also uniquely formulated to discourage pets from…

Bag Balm Pet Paw and Nose Moisturizer

The Ingredients in Bag Balm | LIVESTRONG.COM

The Ingredients in Bag Balm

Treat milia // Avoid comedogenic products, thick eye creams and lotions if prone. Microdermabrasions, topical reitonoids, and salicylic acid products help.

Give your hair a detox with one of 3 all-natural DIY scalp scrubs that remove product buildup and dry flakes.

3 Deep Cleansing DIY Scalp Scrubs

Get glowing skin with an easy at-home turmeric mask recipe. Turmeric has natural properties that have made it a go-to product for women for hundreds of years.

I love this idea! I’ve made plenty of lip glosses in my day, but never thought to use an edible pearl dust. This is perfect for little girls!

Easy Two-Ingredient DIY Lip Gloss

Homemade Lip Gloss - just 2 ingredients: un-petroleum jelly and luster dust (found in the cake decorating aisle at the craft store)

DIY Lip Balm from Little Green Dot - 2 Tbs Shea Butter - 2 Tbs Almond or Coconut Oil - 1 Tbs Beeswax (the natural-coloured beeswax is fine too) - ... and essential oils if desired (it recommends myrrh and palmarosa)

Handmade Christmas for Her: DIY Myrrh & Palmarosa Lip Balm

This DIY Myrrh and Palmarosa Lip Balm makes a fantastic DIY stocking stuffer gift idea for her.

Homemade slimming detox body wrap....these can cost lots of money...make your own and save

Basic Body Wrap Recipe

These hand selected craft activities are suitable for Diversional, art therapists and occupational therapists.

Hot Cloth Cleanser (or the portable Oil Cleansing Method), recipe from Vintage Amanda. Basically a way to make a salve using beeswax and cocoa butter or shea butter along with regular oil cleansing blend for a travel-friendly approach to OCM. Could be useful, though I'm not sure about wax and pores.

Art LOVE this idea! Hot Cloth Cleanser (or the Portable Oil Cleansing Method). Turn your OCM washes into a creamy salve. homemade-beauty-recipes-from-everywhere