Riesling Baked Pears

Riesling Baked Pears

Here's an elegant yet simple twist on the autumn classic. Pears are oven-poached in Riesling wine, which is known for its floral accents and aromas and hints of honey and pear. Delicious hot, room temperature or chilled.

FRUITY KALE SALAD  This beautiful massaged kale salad provides a gorgeous burst of color for every day or special occasion meals (festive enough to include in a vegetarian/vegan Christmas or Thanksgiving dinner menu). It’s so luscious that I consider this the salad equivalent of candy.

Fruity Kale Salad

VegKitchen has an easy to use list of recipes, organized by ingredients and meal themes. I especially like her ideas for a Christmas feast. vegan-recipe-resources places-i-plan-to-visit


Almond Pear Cake-Gluten Free

Almond Pear Cake (gluten-free) from Mama's Gotta Bake. Let's see… I like almonds aaaaand I definitely like pears, so…

Even if I dont go completely Paleo, These are some simple and healthy options to make for a kids lunch, or even for my lunch! Also I love the tupperware.

Kid's Paleo Lunches - Organized and Easy Paleo Lunch Ideas

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The Perfect Baked Pear Recipe for Late Fall

Sweet pears and a wonderful, warm blend of spices combine for this simple and delicious Autumn Spice Pear Cobbler. - Bake or Break ~ http://www.bakeorbreak.com

Autumn Spice Pear Cobbler

***Autumn Spice Pear Cobbler ~ sweet pears and a wonderful, warm blend of spices combine for this simple and delicious Autumn Spice Pear Cobbler.

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Almond Pear Cake-Gluten Free

Almond Pear Cake-Gluten Free - Mama's Gotta Bake Just sub the sugar, one of my favourite cakes, I really want to give this a try.

What a great pear!

Honey-baked pears with ricotta main image

Honey-baked pears with ricotta

Four simple ingredients are all that is needed to create this luscious dessert. Substitute flaked almonds for amaretti biscuits

Cardamom Baked Pears - I went through my spices and have about 1 lb of cardamom pods. But I found a whole pinterest board devoted to it!

Cardamom Baked Pears

Warm or chilled, these lightly spiced baked pears make a luscious low-fat dessert. If you don’t have ground cardamom on hand, try sprinkling the pear halves

This traditional hummus recipe gives you that authentic texture and flavor of restaurant style hummus. It really is the best hummus in the world!

Traditional Hummus Recipe: How to Make the Best Hummus Ever!

Sweet & Spicy Hot Chicken Fillets are perfect for a quick dinner. The rub of spices creates a sticky sweet hot coating on the chicken.

A RESTORED COUNTRY COTTAGE - Frosted white glass subway tile

Frosted White Glass Subway Tile

Holiday Fruit Bake!  I've made this several times and it's a winner every time!

Home-for-Christmas Fruit Bake

Home-For-Christmas Fruit Bake Recipe -Pop this special dish in the oven and mouths will water in anticipation— the cinnamony aroma is tantalizing! The fruit comes out tender and slightly tart while the pecan halves add a delightful crunch.

makes me want to throw a party

An entry from note to self

PIE - Whiskey Pear Tart From Baked Explorations: Classic American Desserts Reinvented by Matt Lewis and Renato Poliafito (Stewart, Tabori & Chang,

I have finally made the decision to "sell out" and go against  my brothers, niece and son's desire to keep this recipe a secret-- and sh...

Authentic German Potato Salad (Bavarian Kartoffel Salat), from My "Mutti"

Moist and decadent chocolate cake, smothered with the creamiest peanut butter frosting. The best part is, this is the best chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting!