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Ornamental Arch Faux Balcony.  These people make faux balconies i.e. not for standing on, but could poss buy pieces from them.

Ornamental Arch Faux Balcony

Delight in classic faux balcony design with the Ornamental Arch Balconet. Highlights of this style include:A frame of flat bar railingsJoined arch tops

Iron Balcony Grill Design

Iron Balcony Grill Design - As with any structure which will support the weight, balconies should be cautiously constructed.

Modern Balcony Grill Designs For Iron, Wrought Iron Balconies ...

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5 Awesome DIY Grilling Carts

5 DIY Grilling Carts

Forge salers - Ferronnerie d'art, artisan forgeron, fer forgé

Forge salers - Ferronnerie d'art, artisan forgeron, fer forgé