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Bamboo Plants for Sale and Non-invasive Clumping Bamboo from Bamboos Wholesale.

Genus/Species Bambusa textilis 'Gracilis" Common Name Gracilis, Slender Weavers Typical Dimensions high, culm diameter up to Description

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We are a family owned bamboo nursery with 20 years of commercial bamboo plant sales. As one of North America's largest bamboo nursery, we are dedicated.

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Good Luck Bamboo, do you need a lucky bamboo plant? Good Luck Bamboo is an easy way to improve your home's Feng Shui. Living plants improve the Qi (energy flow) of any room they are placed in, and.

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The Dwarf Chinese Fern Bamboo is a new variety offered for sale, that stay around 6-8ft tall. This plant would make a great addition around a patio or coy pond. Call for bamboo low prices toll free at 888-758-2252.

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Indoor Bamboo Plants are Awesome, learn how to care for the Lucky Bamboo Plant, growing bamboo indoors and easy care for indoor bamboo. See a Large verity of bamboo Plants For Sale

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Running Bamboo

This beautiful evergreen bamboo is used extensively for screening. At maturity, the culms grow close together and with it's thick foliage, 'Golden Bamboo'