A kid in one of my classes was dissing band, and I was seething. I gave him the dirtiest look I could, and he looked away.

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haha only a band geek would get this<<<I've been playing piano for four years and understand it. Never been in band either. You hush.

haha only a band geek would get this<--- That comment annoys me. Band geeks think they are the only musicians out there when in reality there are a whole lot more. show choir, regular choir, orchestra, and even musical theatre performers.

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(from the pin)>> *mouth pieces fly through the air, someone falls on the spit on the floor, the percussionists have rebelled and hidden behind the timpani* hi would u like to apply for the band program?

Teehee- music jokes :-) this could get me into "Treble"! haha; see what I did there??

for the guys who like band geeks a musical pick -up line I get this cuz i played cello.

The different rows in concert band

I can approve this from experience. And you don't even understand the percussion section until you've been in it. And speaks as someone who has to be in it temporarily once/twice a year but is still an outsider it's actual hell.

This happened to me, but slightly different. We were playing a game in class (Jeopardy) and a stopwatch came up. We had to say start to the teacher, wait 10 seconds and call stop within 1 second of buzzing. I did it with 508 milliseconds left on the clock!

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Band humor!!! He looks like my friend Mikey... - Life throws you curves. Being prepared is everything. What is DrumCorpsReady.com ? Share this with a friend. <<< that was the most random caption i have ever read on a pin.

I just can't imagine any other group of kids besides band kids doing this.

Only band geeks will get this one. Hahaha <<<<<Not only band geeks.

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Only band geeks will get this one. Hahaha <<<<<Not only band geeks.<<I really hate when people put 'only band geeks will.' it's just no not only they know stuff about music

This is so true, I swear if I go anywhere near the band room when orchestra  and band are going on, these band kids give me wierd looks.

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