PANDA BAT  Researchers have hailed a bat that looks uncannily like a panda bear as 'the find of a lifetime'. The bat, discovered in South Sudan, is so rare researchers believe it is an entirely new genus. 'My attention was immediately drawn to the bat's strikingly beautiful and distinct pattern of spots and stripes,'

Scientists Rediscover The Super-Rare 'Badger Bat' [PHOTOS]

A new genus of bat discovered in South Sudan. It is so unique that a new genus needs to be created! Photo: DeeAnn Reeder, Bucknell University Associate Professor of Biology

I love bats.  They sleep out of the way in deep dark damp caves, they give us amazing fertilizer, they pollinate millions of plants, eat billions of bugs, and because they know folks think them scary, they are polite enough to do it all on the night shift, silently.  Then they sleep upside down, and see by radar just to prove that there is more than one good way to do something.  We all would literally be in a world of hurt and disease without bats.

Stunning photograph of a Flying fox! Endangered - many critically. They are threatened by hunting and habitat destruction. Think before you harm this beautiful creature.

The Hammer-headed Fruit Bat has a wingspan of 686 to 970 millimeters and males are much larger than females, averaging 400 grams while females average only 275 grams.

: Creature Feature: Hypsignathus monstrosus, the hammer-headed fruit bat.

TrekNature | Fruit Bats Photo, I wish er had these at my cave where I work!

This photo from the TrekNature travel gallery is titled 'Fruit Bats Photo'.

Honduran White Bats Just like bb hamsters!!

Honduran White Bat - Tent Bat

How come this one looks all cute and innocent, but whenever they're flying around they look like their mini vampires ?

Baby Fruit Bat/Flying Fox-I've always wanted one(or for a pet,how precious

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A rare flying fox bat discovered in the Philippines, thought to no longer exist. CUTENESS!

rhamphotheca: “ Mindoro Stripe-faced Fruit Bat (Styloctenium mindorensis) “Recently discovered and very poorly known. They are hunted by local residents. Because much of Mindoro has been cleared of.

Motherhood bat Photo by Ali Gaisi -- National Geographic Your Shot

Motherhood bat Photo by Ali Gaisi -- National Geographic Your Shot