Bataan Death March, 1942 - the forcible transfer, by the Imperial Japanese Army, of American and Filipino prisoners of war after the three-month Battle of Bataan in the Philippines during World.

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Albert Brown survived Bataan Death March, a harrowing trek in which prisoners of war were forced to walk from Bataan province near Manila to a Japanese POW camp.

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On April 1942 the Bataan death march began. Over American and Filipino troops were forced marched over 60 miles to a prison camp. Of those forces that began the march, only would survive to see the end of the war.

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Eight Japanese Generals were charged with War Crimes over the Bataan Death March, and were executed in December of In loving memory of grandpa hodge aka kirky

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Every year thousands of civilians and Service Members gather in the New Mexico desert to march miles. They march in memory of the men that died and survived The March to Bataan in men were forced to march through the jungle with no.

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What Was the Bataan Death March in World War II?

What was the Bataan Death March in World War II?: Japanese troops guard American and Filipino prisoners in Bataan in the Philippines after their capture of the Bataan Peninsula on April