Batman Mask Cookie Cutter

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Batman Cookie Cutter

When The Joker shows up aiming to steal your cookies, there's only one hero to call! Slice up a batch of treats with the Batman Cookie Cutter in the shape of the bat signal, and the Cape Crusader may

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ThinkGeek :: Batman Cookie Cutter - Not the cookie cutter you want, but the cookie cutter you need.

Batman Cookie Cutter $7.99

Batman Cookie Cutter

It's not surprising that this Batman Logo cookie cutter exists. We assume it was created by some supervillain to lure Batman into a trap since he will be entirely unable to resist the siren song of cookies.

Batman Cookie Cutter

Batman Cookie Cutter

Batman Brownies - it's easy to use powdered sugar and any cut-out you want!

Batman Brownies

These would be super cute for the last day, and if we order a batman cookie cutter for the cheese, we could use it for this too. Or we can just do super hero cupcakes the last day.