November Evening at Burkes Beach by Jim Crotty 11 | Sunset a… | Flickr

A beautiful picture of a full moon over the ocean, but then again, nothing good ever happens on the beach at night.

The beach/ At sunrise, sunset/ An idyllic vision/  So many behold/ Yet/ We live In cities/ #mpy #poetry #micropoetry

~Right from the beach! i beach i would like to visit Beautiful beach Beach such a cute version of a french manicure

《 《 Îņ țhîś ůňîvêřśė, wháț ış ýøůř pļâčê? 》 》


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Worshipping around a campfire is probably my most favourite thing to do

Night time shots on the beach, possibly get a fire going? Could be good to get some images that are more staged, and possible some ones of them dancing/generally having fun.

Wish I was on the beach tonight

The best sort of wish, is a beach wish. - [ ] Sand 'N Sea Properties LLC, Galveston, TX