Beef Carpaccio with Dijon and Caper vinaigrette.

I am going to a dinner soiree this evening and am in charge of the "lavish" appetizer. I was wondering what to make and then thought of what I would normally order in a restaurant.

Beef Carpaccio image

Beef Carpaccio

With the briny flavor of capers and the fresh citrus of lemon, these cod fillets really shine in this easy seafood preparation.

NOM does this have to wait until fall until i can turn on the oven to make butter steak? eta: woah woah woah butter steak does NOT use the oven, this is happening soooon

Steak Carpaccio Salad

Scrapcook: This Leftover-Steak Carpaccio Salad Is Better Than True Carpaccio

The flavours of this Beef Carpaccio dish are as diverse as the colours of its ingredients! We suggest that Red Kellys Tasmania's Traditional dressing works best but please let us know if your cooking experience suggests otherwise! Get cooking!  Click on the image to view the recipe.

Beef carpaccio with Red Kellys Tasmania's Traditional dressing.


Gratinée's Seared Lemon-Pepper Beef Carpaccio

プレート調理!切って乗せて絞るだけ!サーモンの前菜 by 盛りつけ師★もりたとしこ / レシピサイト「ナディア / Nadia」/プロの料理を無料で検索


プレート調理!切って乗せて絞るだけ!サーモンの前菜 by 盛りつけ師★もりたとしこ / レシピサイト「ナディア / Nadia」/プロの料理を無料で検索