Beef Wellington from Gordon Ramsay's Hell's Kitchen. A traditional British dish of a seared filet mignon smothered in a whole-grain mustard and wrapped in layers of salty prosciutto, an herbed crepe, duxelles, and puff pastry. Baked until the crust crisps up and the meat reaches medium-rare perfection. Arthur Wellesley defeated Napoleon at Waterloo and was made Duke of Wellington. He loved a dish of beef, mushrooms, truffles, Madeira wine, and paté cooked in pastry, which was named in his…

Beef Wellington

Beef Wellington is a real show-stopping centre piece for a special occasion. Flaky puff pastry encases tender beef, mushrooms and Parma ham.

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Gordon Ramsay's beef Wellington

Gordon Ramsay's beef Wellington recipe looks so impressive but takes just 20 minutes to prepare, made with beef fillet, mushrooms and readymade pastry. Gordon Ramsay says: 'This is an impressive dish and one that's easier than it looks. This beef Wellingt

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Beef Wellington @ Gordon Ramsey Steak - Paris resort in Las Vegas. It was simply A. Have the Toffee Pudding no matter how full you get. The only negative was our pretentious and rude waiter.

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Gordon Ramsay Beef Wellington Recipe - also includes video demo by Chef Ramsay

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Beef Wellington Over a drink last weekend, a friend was talking about his typical dinners in Singapore. Food courts, takeaways, and occasionally a couple packets of instant noodles - it seemed like a.

How to Make a Classic Beef Wellington: Classic British Beef Wellington

How to Make a Classic Beef Wellington - Easy

Gordon Ramsay and his team served beef wellington and sautéed potatoes to diners in the F Word restaurant

It's coming! Hell's Kitchen is one of the only shows still on during the summer but that's not why I love it.... Chef Gordon Ramsay really whips these would-be cooking super stars into shape and it's so awesome to see who rises up and who cracks under the pressure! (Wow ... there were a lot of cooking puns in there lol)

Hell’s Kitchen – Season 10 Episode 15 – Recap – 7 Chefs Compete

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