Belgian Tervuren- This is an indoor/outdoor dog,  access to a securely fenced yard where he can run, with his family when they are home, enjoys the company of people he knows, high-energy herding dog, important to educate children to  behave around your dog, to nip if his tail or ears are pulled, best with older children who understand dogs and treat them with respect.

Belgian Shepherd Tervuren can read small movements and even changes in facial expression, and are famous for being so “in tune” with their trainers that they can literally stay one step ahead of the person giving commands

A Belgian Tervuren is a serious and watchful breed with a substantial protective and territorial instinct. The breed excels as a law enforcement officials dog, search and rescue doggy and natural guardian.

A Belgian Tervuren beautiful dogs. Great military dogs for their awareness

Belgian Tervuren is a Belgian Shepherd  named after a village of the same name. Tervurens are highly energetic, intelligent dogs who require lots of activity and make excellent work dogs (Search and Rescue etc.). Tervurens are not recommended to first-time dog owners. The wolves in the film 'The Company of Wolves' are primarily Tervurens.

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Adorable Tervuren puppy from Chimeric Belgian Tervurens

Belgians are our passion. We share our lives, home and furniture with 7 Belgian Tervuren and cannot imagine life without them.