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Introduction: The Nordic and Teutonic peoples were a group of practitioners that preformed variou

Berserk! My new tat! F ING love it!!

Suppose you want to get a cool anime tattoo, but you also want to keep your nerd status on the down-low. Not to worry, for plenty of subtle anime tat.

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Berserker Viking Warriors | Viking Rune tattoos - what do they mean? Viking Runes Tattoo Designs ...

The Viking Runes. The eldest runestones, inscribed with Norse runes, date from the century. These were the Elder Futhark runes. However, the most of the runestones were created during the late Viking Age and thus inscribed with theYounger Futhark.

Berserk Tattoo

the client aproached me with the idea for a bersek and enso inspired tattoo, and we will certainly post the finished tattoo design, and she will post the hea.

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Tattoo ideas