Arroz con Leche (Rice Pudding). This is my favorite traditional Mexican dessert. I remember my mother making it when I was a little girl, and now I wanted to make some for her. Hers was literally just rice, milk, and cinnamon, but when I saw this recipe it sounded too good not to try. So I made it and mom gave it the thumbs up. Coming from mom, that's a certified hit.

Arroz con Leche

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Arroz con leche y chocolate

Arroz con leche y chocolate

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Arroz Con Leche (Mexican Rice Pudding) | by Fit, fun & delish!

Arroz Con Leche (Mexican Rice Pudding) | by Fit, fun & delish!

Arroz con leche me quiero casar, con una señorita… que sepa cocinar este delicioso cheesecake. ¡Qué rico!

It's not your ordinary cheesecake—and we're not just talking about the rice pudding aspect. (Hint: You're going to need some goat milk caramel!

Things Mexicans Do People Find Weird #5: Having your own "Mexican" version of "American" things.  Bingo? We have Loteria.   Twinkies? Gansitos taste better — especially frozen.   Pudding? Give me some Arroz con Leche.   Breaking Bad? We'll be over here watching El Señor de Los Cielos.   Donuts? I'd rather have some conchas.   Corn on the cob? Elote with extra chili powder, please.  Hot chocolate? How about champurrado or Abuelita instead?

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Arroz Con Leche (Mexican Rice Pudding) » Muy Delish

Arroz Con Leche (Mexican Rice Pudding) » Muy Delish

A Vegan twist on a classic Mexican & Latin dessert: Arroz con Leche. Non-Dairy Milk & Cashew Cream create an ultra creamy consistency in this rice pudding!

Arroz con Leche (Mexican Rice Pudding)

Arroz con Leche (integral)-- Healthy version Mexican Rice Pudding, by Sonia & L@s Challengers, is from Calabasas Healthy Eating Cookbook, one of the cookbooks created at

Arroz con Leche (integral)-- Healthy version Mexican Rice Pudding recipe - from the Calabasas Healthy Eating Cookbook Family Cookbook

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Make Arroz Con Leche

How to Make Arroz Con Leche. A dish you should certainly try if you visit Peru or any other Latin American country is arroz con leche (rice with milk).