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I think its original. Not so funny but really helpful. Secret Sauce Recipe may cup salad dressing (like Miracle Whip') Iill cup mayonnaise 3 tbsp big mac Secret Recipe The Game lolololololololo

BIG MAC. Looks pretty tempting right? No one has ever got a big mac that actually looked like this. The meat is grey, the bread is squashed and the salad withered. Photoshop for food.

McDonald's Big Mac

Top 10 Secret Recipes-Big Mac, KFC chicken, Taco Bell Quesadillas, etc.

Big Mac Sauce - Secret Recipe for McDonald's Famous "Special Sauce". Five-star rated recipe; great for burgers, hotdogs and so many different things!

McDonald's Famous "Special Sauce&quot

A Big Mac hamburger is seen in a McDonald's fast-food restaurant. - Tim Boyle/Getty Images News/Getty Images


BIG MAC SECRET SAUCE (Coleen's Recipes)

We don't eat homemade french fries very often because they don't turn out very well. I've tried many potato varieties;

Make McDonald's Copycat Big Mac Sauce with this easy recipe!  This classic fast food topping is one your family (and you) will love!

McDonald's Big Mac Sauce

Make McDonald's Copycat Big Mac Sauce with this easy recipe! This classic fast food topping is one your family (and you) will love!

Free Top Secret Restaurant Recipes: McDonald's Big Mac Secret Recipe

McDonald's Corporation primarily franchises and operates McDonald's restaurants in the food service industry. The Company also operates Bo.

Receita do Molho Especial do Big Mac

McDonald's Homemade Big Mac Sauce Recipe - The famous recipe for McDonald's secret sauce.

How to make a Cuban Hamburger - Frita Cubana - Simple, Easy-to-Make Cuban, Spanish, and Latin American Recipes with Photos

Three Guys From Miami show you how to make Frita Cubana. Enjoy this authentic Cuban recipe for the ultimate Cuban hamburger.

Como fazer Big Mac e receita do molho especial do Big Mac Mcdonalds #12 - YouTube

Fast food burgers contain rat and human DNA, according to “The Hamburger Report,” a new study from US-based food research company Clear Labs.

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recipe for mcdonald's big mac special sauce. going to use low fat mayo and whip up some fake big macs at home!

two all beef patties special sauce lettuce cheese pickles onions on a sesame seed bun

This is an example of an Advertising Parody- they incorporate the "big mac" as one of McDonalds prodcuts, while the shape of the burger is in the shape of Apple's logo. hence the word "mac".

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McDonald's Special Sauce for Big Mac. One person commented "Or just use Kraft thousand island just as good"