How to make a trailer-ball hookup for a bike.

Trailer Ball Hookup

This is the completed trailer, the hookup is pretty self explaining and will change depending on your bike. I went with an ABS 1 in trailer tongue and filled .

different bike trailers

DIY Cargo Bikes Haul It All - From Kayaks to Compost bicycle tow bar for towing your kayak,canoe,grocery cart or golf clubs behind your bicycle.

Dumb Stick Kayak Bicycle Tow Bar allows you to easily tow your kayak with your bicycle. kayak bicycle tow bar in the world since 1995

Living in a shoebox | Build your own super-light bicycle caravan micro haven

Build your own bicycle caravan

Kevin Cyr's 2008 bike camper trailer

We often feature RV's, motor homes, and campers that are state of the art brimming with the latest technology and comfort, but now


Quick Hitch for Bike Trailer

this is a guide of cheap bike carts and hitch, for gettin ready to summer bike trips! (thanks to everybody that made those instructables)