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Introducing the HH Cargo Bike Trailer, a trailer with many hidden talents. The HH Cargo Bike Trailer is not just a bike trailer as the title implies, it can easily convert for multiple purposes.


Quick Hitch for Bike Trailer

A quick connector for a bike trailer. So that the trailer can be switched between multiple bikes easily. Not cumbersome and keeps the bike looking

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Cool Bike Trailer is a Camping Cocoon for Adventurous Cyclists

Alejandra Castelao& Bike Trailer concept is the ultimate accessory for overnight cycling adventures. Designed for destination camping, the dual-wheeled trailer is adaptable to any bicycle to

Find DIY or Bike Passenger Extender like this!

Cargo bikes with special discounts

This trailer was designed to carry tools around the city. Super useful!

Biga, the Bike Trailer

In support of a bicycle workshop I have decided with my friends to build a trailer to carry the tools around the city.We were not skilled in welding iron frames, .

87 Octane. Vintage Honda. via Dutch Bros.

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Bike Trailer Hitch

This is a very cheap Hitch made with a swivel caster, a bracket for antenna poles and a piece of square iron pipe. To be fixed under the bike saddle. Great just because it allows the movement on three axes, so there's complete freedom while biking.