Perch Factory Pvc Parrot Bird Stand Bird Gyms Parrot Play Gyms

Perch Factory Pvc Parrot Bird Stand Bird Gyms Parrot Play Gyms Big AND space conscious.

Wood Table Top Bird Stands and Perches

See OVER 100 different tabletop wood bird stands, wood parrot perches and other wooden bird perches made from wood dowels to manzanita at the Perch Factory.

From the Parrot Forum - Parrot Owner's Community

This makes me think of using hula hoops and PVC to make a bird play gym for my parrot! - pic from Parrot Forum - Parrot Owner's Community

Bird Stand Playroom. Love this idea just need the room.

DIY pet bird room ideas you'll have fun making for your pet parrot, cockatiel, cocatoo, mackaw or other large bird. Heck even parakeets would love a bird playground like this! Busy birds are happy birds!

tree stand for birds - Google Search

The birds are not confined to their room. I also like to have them out in the living room with me so for this reason, I have a few stands in.

DIY Wood Gym Stand -

Easy and cheap DIY Play Gym/Stand - Talk Budgies Forums (old hall tree coat rack)

Dollhouse Collectables - Dollhouse Furniture

Dollhouse Collectables - Dollhouse Furniture

Easy DIY PVC bird stand! Perfect place for birds to hangout. These two parrots are loving it!


We've been wanting to create a stand for our 2 parrots for a long time and were finally able to create this project! This is an easy DIY bird stand th.