A maybe workable fuck-ton of bison anatomy references. Someone I knew a while back once commented on bison looking clumsy. Well, I disagree. Think of ‘em like dogs. Just as flexible and playful and dorky. They move similarly to bovines/bulls. And,...

Genetically Pure Bison Found In Utah Gives Hope for Restoration of Iconic Species - Good News Network - Scientists have found a rare herd of American bison that have never interbred with cattle, offering hope of restoring the species.

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ARTFINDER: In the Presence of Bison by Lena Owens - Print Epson 7890 Poster Printer, on Fujifilm Paper. Other sizes are: Contact me, if you want another size o.

American Symbol: National Geographic's Best Bison Pictures

Into the Sunset Photograph by Joel Sartore, National Geographic A bison poses on a ranch in Valentine, Nebraska, in

Bison in snow

Plains Bison Bison bison bison Learn more about Bison bison bison from the Encyclopedia of Life Encyclopedia of Life Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, USA By Gero Heine Santa Cruz, California, USA

Schottische Hochlandrinder im Winter

Schottische Hochlandrinder im Winter

A young bison calve's coat is a light reddish brown and they don't have the distinctive hump that the adult bison have. After a few months they begin to turn brown and grow a hump.

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American Symbol: National Geographic's Best Bison Pictures

Kicking Up the Dust Photograph by Jim Brandenburg, National Geographic Creative A herd of bison move like a wave over the prairie outside Pierre, South Dakota.