First lady Michelle Obama has a message to black voters: Don’t worry about what candidates have done or said-- just vote for the Democrats.    On TV One, a network operating under the motto “Where

Michelle Obama wreaks havoc across Topeka with last-minute decision to speak at graduation-"it's all about ME now put some skin in. The game & donate your graduation money to ME because I need a vacation!

WISH I COULD GET RID OF THIS PIC BUT NEED THE RECIPE :(  Fried Frog Legs, a famous Creole delicacy in the French Quarter in New Orleans, Louisiana!

Creole Fried Frog Legs

This is a great picture of our President Obama enjoying some Fried Frog Legs, a famous Creole delicacy in the French Quarter in New Orleans, Louisiana!

Why Did The Chicken Cross The Road? I Chased Him With My Deep Fryer ---- hilarious jokes funny pictures walmart humor fails

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Disproportionate Image Results of Black Women When Phrase ‘Ugly Woman’ is Googled

Some common habits can be bad news for diabetes. Be aware of any lifestyle choices that may be undermining your efforts to stabilize blood sugar levels.

Although this could be found humorous, it is completely stereotyping against the African-American society. There is a stereotype that blacks LOVE fried chicken, which is true, but some people take the joke way too far and it could be found offensive. This picture was actually in a KFC restaurant.

Bonus Pin KFC : Understand prejudice/stereotype in a commercial. Observation: this flyer depicts a racial stereotype about african americans. that they love fried chicken that they either wear braids or have coarse hair texture.

The fried chicken stereotype (by 1905) is the idea that Black people like chicken, particularly fried chicken, way more than anyone else. It is common in the US and has spread to at least Britain. …

Racism in 30 "Vintage" ads~WOW! somedays you think some people long for those days-ain't gonna happen smiles

Warning: racist images follow: The watermelon stereotype is the White American belief that black people have a particular weakness for watermelon (Citrullus lanatus), that it is one of the foods th…

The watermelon stereotype


Top 20 Best Female Singers of All Time

Image result for CHICKEN + MAMMY RACIST

Image result for CHICKEN + MAMMY RACIST

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We HAVE the recipe!

Quick list of fast food Points Plus with 10 under 10 Weight Watchers. I like to keep this list with me when I'm traveling in case we make a quick stop.