Tracie Ching - 18×24″ silkscreen print designed for Spoke Art Gallery and the Roxie Theater’s double-feature screening of Blade Runner and Brazil on Sunday, Nov. 15th 2015

s an x silkscreen print for a special double feature screening of 'Blade Runner’ and 'Brazil’ presented by Spoke Art Gallery and hosted at the Roxie Theater in San Francisco on Sunday November

Sean Young, Blade Runner, 1982 (Set Polaroid) (Just a tiny bit obsessed with Blade Runner right now.)

Blade Runner Polaroids

Sean Young, Blade Runner, 1982 (Set Polaroid) (Next Halloween costume)

balde runner                                                                                                                                                                                 Mais

Blade Runner (TWO UNITS COMBINED) film study guide

Blade Runner - I think it's stupid to suggest that Deckert could be a 'Replicant'. All of the skin-jobs are "more human than human". That is why it's so sad.

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Blade Runner 2049 – Created by Lovas Tibor

Rainy city streets are a strong inspiration for this look. The reflection of water, on dark greys, and the blurry mist of rain as it overlaps the lighting. Be sure to play the GIF animation to experience the inspiration of this image. Scene from Blade Runner (1982). #LGLimitlessDesign #Contest

GIF Rain - Scene from Blade Runner Great, great atmosphere in this dystopian sci-fi/film noir classic directed by Ridley Scott, set in Los Angeles, c.

classykittenn: Blade Runner (1982)                              …

Ah - the flying car scene from "Blade Runner." What a gorgeously designed film, whether Ridley Scott stole everything from Moebius or not.

Blade Runner (1982). Directed by Ridley Scott, Cinematography Jordan Cronenworth

Blade Runner - brilliant movie: ''I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe…

Blade Runner 2049...want to see in 3D

Helmed by our friends at the in have been hailed as groundbreaking, superlative and revolutionary. Here to break it down is Supervisor Richard Hover to Fabulous insight into the creation of one of the modern masterpieces in VFX!

Blade Runner - Los Angeles, 2019: Rick Deckard of the LAPD's Blade Runner unit prowls the steel & microchip jungle of the 21st century. His job is to track down and eliminate assumed humanoids known as 'replicants.' Replicants were declared illegal after a bloody mutiny on an Off-World Colony, and are to be terminated upon detection. He wants to get out of the force, but is drawn back in when 6 "skin jobs," the slang for replicants, hijack a ship back to Earth.

Blade Runner (1982)

Blade Runner - Drew Stuzan - rejected poster art - used on the 1982 UK paperback of 'Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep'. years later used for 'Blade Runner The Final Cut'