Hehe!!! @cortlinbeck I'm pretty sure you told me this word for word last week after we were done skiing and were brushing our skis off :)

Inspiring Quotes About Friendship

quotes about friendship. This is definitely me and my best friend. We went to different high schools and we still talk at least every other day

You don't need many -- just the right ones! Love my friends...

I've never had that a day in my life, except my boyfriend of years. He is my friend my hest friend.

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If you have just two friends with whom you can laugh & cry & eat cake with, you have been truly blessed  #friends #laughter #cake

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Quality of relationships trumps quantity. Choose friends who challenge growth, are trustworthy, & will stand by you in the roughest storms.

People Quotes People come and go in your life, but the right ones will always stay.

People Quotes People come and go in your life, but the right ones will always stay.

Great quote about dear friends - I thought I had some Very Good Friends in my life, but - after 20-30+ years of being in my life, they all threw me under the usual bus. It's painful. But to think I loved these people & might have, situation-wise, taken a bullet for them makes me sick to my stomach. Betrayal is a very word.

This is so true. Life is so short , wish I could have all my family in my life. But no matter what I will always love them.

So thankful for the true friends I've had in my life. So thankful for the family members that are amazing.

❤️❤️So thankful that God has placed people in my path that have made me a stronger person I am complete and I am blessed actually we are blessed this Thanksgiving in this Christmas are leading into a beautiful new year!