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The art of Bollywood

Narayan works as a laborer on the farmland owned by businessman, Ratan Kumar, in Ramnagar, who also has a rubber estate in Singapore. Although Narayan was an ex-convict, Ratan had assisted .

'Zehreela Insaan' (1974) vintage Bollywood poster from: The art of Bollywood | The Guardian

The art of Bollywood

Since its inception in the second decade of the century, the Bombay-based Indian film industry—Bollywood—has developed a unique visual language, articulated by the vivid hand-painted movie posters that have since become highly-desirable collectors’ items.

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Printed and circulated during the first release of Sholay mid this vintage hand painted Bollywood movie poster was originally designed for publicity of the film but never ended up being used

Minimalist Bollywood Posters by Kruthika Rao, via Behance

Some of the most creative Minimal Bollywood Movie Posters.

Mr. AB

Deewaar was a ground-breaking work Deewaar received the Filmfare Best Movie Award of 1975 in addition to six other Filmfare Awards and was a superhit at the box office, ranking as the highest grossing Bollywood film of