Boo boo bunny!!!  We used to have these when I was a kid- it's just ice in a washcloth, but makes getting hurt a little easier :)

How to Make a Washcloth Bunny

Washcloth Bunny - Easter and Spring Crafts - Aunt Annie's Crafts

washcloth boo boo bunny | Cute idea for the kids!

Washcloth boo-boo bunny

An adorable washcloth boo-boo bunny that acts as a mini ice pack and comforter for your little one! Just a washcloth and rubber band needed--tutorial!

Just in time for Easter, Katherine of Own Two Hands has a tutorial for making bunnies and chicks out of rolled-up face cloths. They're cute, cheap, easy to make! Link.

Face Cloth Bunny & Chick

face cloth bunny and chick. great for a baby shower. made the bunnies for my baby shower and we put a note about the "BooBoo Bunny" Stick an ice cube in the hole and use as an ice pack. As the ice melts the towel absorbs the water.

DIY instructions. Boo boo bunnies are pretty darn sweet and go together in minutes. You may want to pick up some plastic eggs in a variety of colors when they go on sale after Easter to have on hand.

Boo boo has you feeling crummy. Stick an ice cube in my tummy. Hold it to your boo boo tight. Soon it will be alright. They really did make boo boos better

With a poem!  Boo Boo Bunny goes hippity-hoppity  Boo Boo's ears are flippitty-floppity.  His egg holds a special sweet treat,  He's bringing just for you to eat.  Save the egg, don't throw it away,  You may need it another day.  When you get hurt and have a boo-boo,  And you feel sad and go "boo-hoo",  Open the egg and put in some ice,  Boo-Boo's cold egg will help it feel nice.

How to Make Boo Boo Bunnies. Boo boo bunnies are great easter gifts for all ages. Boo boo bunnies can be comforting for young children.

Washcloth Bunny or Boo Boo Bunny Tutorial.  Perfect for Ester Baskets or as fun little gifts!

Washcloth Bunny or Boo Boo Bunny Tutorial. Perfect for Ester Baskets or as fun little gifts!

Remember this honey?  We put ice cubes in middle and called them boo boo rags,,, put in the gitls easter basket.  Face Washer Bunny |Egg Decoration| Bunny Accessories| Easter Food| Cookie Recipe| DIY decoration| Repin it

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Great for little Boo Boos . Put ice cubes in middle and called them boo boo rags or Face Washer Bunny

DIY Washcloth Easter Bunnies [Tutorial] : washcloth + googly eyes + ribbon + pom poms... includes a pocket for putting an Easter egg filled with candies!

DIY Washcloth Bunnies [Tutorial] : includes a pocket for putting a candy-filled Easter egg OR use as a Boo Boo Bunny by inserting a ice cube

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DIY Adorable Towel Bunny

Here is a super easy and creative way to make an adorable DIY towel bunny . It is a nice kids craft and would be great for Easter decoration .

Boo Boo Bunnies - ALWAYS have one on my diaper cakes

Safety First Boo Boo Bunnies - Cute and handy! My kids aren't fans of applying ice, and Boo Boo Bunnies help!