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I pinned this because fan book trailers are widely popular online. This might be a terrific project for a TAB group because they learn how to sell a story through photos. Uploaded videos could be used to promote participation in TAB.

Detailed instructions and links for how to make a book trailer. This is a great option for reading response!

Wonder: Book Trailer  Can't wait to co-teach this novel study w some great teachers n friends!!!

Watching book trailers is a great way to get kids excited about books - this one is about a fantastic book called Wonder.

Students create book review. Put QR Codes on bookmarks to promote books. Display in class/library.

Middle School QR Code Bookmark Book Trailers Set #2

Why have a regular bookmark when you can have one that includes a book trailer? What a GREAT alternative to a book report -- have them create a book trailer, link it to a QR code & then print & make available to the class :)

We read books and then created book trailers using Movie Maker! There were so many standards met in this engaging reading (technology) project! Read about it and get the free download (with Rubric) to get started!!

Creating Book Trailers in the Classroom

Read books and create book trailers using Movie Maker! Many standards met in this engaging reading (technology) project.

The trailer for The One and Only Ivan, sets up the story beautifully - it introduces the main character, his problem, and his desire - watch this and you'll want to run out and get the book, that's if you haven't already!

Book Trailer for The One and Only Ivan by Katherine Applegate. This book can be found at the Nappanee Public Library under JA Appl RL:

Our students love watching the book trailers we linked with the QR codes. Great way to hook them. We are looking forward to having the students make their own book trailers!

Students watch book trailers linked with QR codes. Have students make their own trailers for novels (Image only)

Creating a Book Trailer--maybe use this at the end of "The Giver" and "Wonder?" #infografía

I adore this infographic by Naomi Bates, teacher at Northwest High School in Austin, Texas. Book trailers can be a great way to merge technology and literature. Check out these excellent tips for students creating book trailers.