Hazel's Brandy Old Fashioned, Sweet | The Brandy Old Fashioned is a classic Wisconsin cocktail. Here’s how top bartender Misty Kalkofen’s mom in Green Bay likes hers. | Liquor.com

Hazel's Brandy Old Fashioned

The Brandy Old Fashioned is a classic Wisconsin cocktail that puts a brand new spin on the age-old recipe by using brandy instead of whiskey and just a touch of Here's how top bartender Misty Kalkofen's mom in Green Bay likes hers.

These nails are definitely a work of art! Celebrate life's best moments with a bottle of blue in your hands at MYXFusions.com!

31 Images Of Gorgeously Geeky Nail Art

Funny pictures about Gorgeously geeky nail art. Oh, and cool pics about Gorgeously geeky nail art. Also, Gorgeously geeky nail art.

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20 Pink Outfits to Create Romantic Looks

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DIY necklace. I love being able to make things out of things you already have at home. It is resourceful and most of these things allow you to put your own twist on the project to make it exactly what you want. These crafts let you express your creative side, if your like me and have no creative side, in something that you will actually wear or use. And its fun to do!

Zipper Heart Necklace

Throwing away old clothes? Have extra zippers around? DIY Zipper Heart Necklace with a picture tutorial.

I had other (healthier) plans for today's post but these little, two-bite Hungarian Christmas Cookies (Kiffles / Kolaches) are just too good not to share immediately! So good, in fact, there were b...

Apricot Kolaches – An Hungarian Christmas Cookie

Traditional Hungarian Apricot Kolaches - My Hungarian husband's favorite Christmas Cookie recipe. He says they taste just like his grandma used to make.

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Brandy Norwood

hoop earrings were also a popular accessory for teenaged girls and women in the first years of the women wore them all the time with everything. Women wore them with sweat pants, plaid skirts and other types of outfits.

Don't you love that you can pin away now     that the cat's out of the bag?! That was one of my favorite things about     finally telling people when we were expecting :)

Bernard Family Maternity Photography Salem, Oregon

Such a sweet mommy/daughter pic to take with Clara (Maternity Photography Brandy Waterfall Waterfall Waterfall)

Last week we kicked off our Cozy Winter Cocktails series with a spiked hot chocolate that certainly warms the soul. This week, we’re obsessed with sipping something a little more “grown-up” {although, who are we kidding- we kind of love hot cocoa!} and since it’s Valentine’s Day on Friday, we’re…

Tasty Tuesday: {Warming Winter Cocktails Part II

Apartment 34 : Aztec Chocolate Old Fashioned Bourbon few dashes Fee Brothers aztec chocolate bitters ½ oz Creme De Cacao Peeled orange wedge Brandied cherry 1 oz Soda Water