Colorful slums of Sao Paulo, Brazil create a seemingly picturesque composition of the quickly adapting society.

Sao Paulo, Brazil -- Colorful slums create a seemingly picturesque composition of the quickly adapting society.

Holambra, São Paulo, Brazil.  A dutch town at brazil with more colors of course!!!!.

NEXT TBF TRAVEL Holambra, São Paulo, Brazil. Fun fact: name is actually made up of three names: Holland, America, and Brasil.

Butterflies, Amazon Rainforest, Brazil. #travelnewhorizons Morpho butterflies!!!

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Go to Carnival in Rio, everything about it looks like so much fun I just want to be a part of it.

Rio Carnival is considered the largest in the world. See incredible samba queens and a rainbow of colour fill the streets. It would be so cool to go to Carnival and,be in a parade.

#Sao_Paulo #Brazil (World City Illustration by Fernando Volken Togni)

24 hours in Sao Paulo, Brazil

So much beauty in Brazil... - @Candice Swanepoel

So much beauty in Brazil, even on stairs and steps as evident with this mosaic tile example.

Have you ever seen beauty in motion? Ever heard the sound of color and excitement? The Rio Carnival will be the reason you answer "yes!"

Brazil is quite capable of enjoying stunning carnivals and parties on its own, but with the FIFA World Cup 2014 less than 12 months away

Santa Marta, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil The Favela Painting Project is an ongoing Kickstarter campaign to improve the feel and appearance of Rio de Janeiro’s favelas (shanty towns). Their first (very successful) painting project was executed at Santa Marta, and they continue to recruit local youths to help beautify the city.

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Jeroen Koolhaas and Dre Urhahn are the driving force behind the 'Favela Painting' project Santa Marta favela in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.

Rio de Janeiro's mountainside favelas are as iconic as some of the city's famous landmarks – but offer a completely different perspective to the main tourist sites. Formerly dangerous no-go areas, many are now safe and open, welcoming visitors on favela tours and music nights at bars held within the communities

Favelas of Rio de Janeiro – in pictures

Credit: Peeter Viisimaa/Getty Images Santa Marta, the first Rio favela to be 'pacified' by police in was brightened u.