All I want. Can my husband please sing to me during our first dance?? Love love love

Glamorous Malibu Wedding: Sarah + Brendon

Brendon Urie singing to his wife Sarah Urie at their wedding. I feel like I'm the only one that believes Ryden (Ryan Ross and Brendon Urie's relationship) was real and still likes Sarah.

I'm crying!!! WHY ARE ALL THE HOT CELEBRITIES TAKEN????<<because they are even hotter as good husbands and wives.

Sarah + Brendon Urie's Photo Booth photos by: www. photo booth by: www. Magazine (US) Magazine (US) Gordon photography

Charmingly Beautiful Malibu Wedding From one love photography: #wedding #weddings #wedding_ceremony<<<< people are probably pinning this to their wedding boards without knowing who it is

Charming Malibu Wedding

Sarah and Brendon Urie (of Panic! At The Disco) has a charmingly beautiful Malibu wedding. Photography by onelove photography.

Sarah + Brendon Urie Wedding - of special interest to Panic! at the Disco fans!

Glamorous Malibu Wedding: Sarah + Brendon

Sarah + Brendon Urie Wedding - I don't care if you don't like panic! at the disco these are the cutest wedding pictures I've ever seen.

I got Brendon Urie! You’re at a beautiful wedding, and Brendon Urie from Panic at the Disco is one of the groomsmen. Whenever you look at each other, your hearts beat faster and faster until you’re, inevitably, exchanging body heat in the passenger seat of the honeymoon limo. Don’t forget to close the goddamn door! Your song: “Nine in the Afternoon” Which Emo Guy Should You Hook Up With?

Which Emo Guy Should You Hook Up With?

Yeah, 'The end of all things' was actually Brendon's wedding vows to Sarah which is probably what he singing to her

Their the best couple, Sarah is lucky because she gets to hear brendon sing all the time.<<Now I know why Sarah Smiles.

Glamorous Malibu Wedding: Sarah + Brendon Urie Love the idea of a love seat for the sweethearts table

Glamorous Malibu Wedding: Sarah + Brendon

Much too posh for my style but like the idea of a "loveseat" for the bride and groom(Glamorous Malibu Wedding: Sarah + Brendon Urie)

Old dresser for a bar. Best.  Glamorous Malibu Wedding: Sarah + Brendon Urie

Glamorous Malibu Wedding: Sarah + Brendon

Glamorous Malibu Wedding: Sarah + Brendon Urie - vintage dresser turned bar - Found Vintage Rentals

from Brendon and Sarah's Wedding <3

Saddlerock Malibu Winery Wedding

At The Disco at Brendons wedding :)>> like where did this wedding take place? You had all of panic at the disco there.

Brendon Urie's wedding UGH speechless

Brendon Urie's wedding UGH speechless<<<he sang to her at their wedding and I'm still crying yo this day

this is why I look at the Groom at a wedding. His face is pure joy

yes but what a shame, what a shame the poor grooms bride is the actual devil