The AS-90 Braveheart  is a lightly armoured self-propelled artillery piece used by the British Army.  The AS-90 was first deployed by the British Army in 1993.[1] 179 AS-90s were acquired to re-equip six of the eight self-propelled field artillery regiments (each 24 guns) in the 1 (BR) Corps, replacing the 105 mm FV433 Abbot SPG and older M109 155 mm Self Propelled Gun. It remains in UK service and will equip three field regiments supporting armoured infantry brigades for the foreseeable…

Braveheart which replaced the Abbott in 8 field artillery regiments (each 24 guns) in the 1 (BR) Corps.

Katrina Hodge: Corporal in the British Army & Miss England '09. She enlisted in the army on a dare from her brother & was nicknamed Combat Barbie after showing up to her unit wearing fake eyelashes, heels, & carrying a pink suitcase. While serving in Iraq, she saved the lives of her comrades by wresting not 1 but 2 rifles from a prisoner, then knocking him out w/ her bare hands. After winning the Miss England contest in 2009, she handed over the crown & returned to military service. #bamf…

'Combat Barbie' Miss England Katrina Hodge launches Miss World 2009

Miss England 2009 Katrina Hodge with the (Nicknamed the “Combat Barbie” she handed over her crown in 2010 and returned to active duty in Afghanistan.) She's definitely one of the people I inspire from.

Portrait of Field Marshal Sir Bernard Montgomery on his appointment as Colonel Commandant of the Parachute Regiment, 1944.

WWII 1944 Portrait of Field Marshal Sir Bernard Montgomery on his appointment as Colonel Commandant of the Parachute Regiment.

This is the military insignia for the ranks of the British Army during the Second World War, included on cap badges & collar gorget patches.

The Chindits – In 1943

In 1943 – The First Expedition The Indian Infantry Brigade Commander – Brigadier Charles Orde Wingate, DSO (Ex-Royal Artillery) Brigade Major – Maj.

British Army cap badges for Infantry Regiments (as of 2005)

BEF - This collection of current British regiment badges can be used to assist in determining vintage badges.

Vickers machine guns of the British 7th Battalion Cheshire Regiment, 1st Division, at Aubigny-au-Bac, France. (March 23, 1940, F 3273)

ڿڰۣ(̆̃̃♥✌✞Vickers machine guns of the British Battalion Cheshire Regiment, Division, at Aubigny-au-Bac, France.

British Army-24th Regiment of Foot, 1879.

BRITISH ARMY - Battalion Foot, Sergeant at Isandlwana With details of 1871 pattern Valise Equipment

British Army Crest

I have yet to research the US forces programs on PT nonetheless, the British Army provides extensive information to the public on all aspects of health and fitness.

Hugh Fletcher Silverwood (1892-1917) WWI British Army Officer.

Captain Hugh Fletcher Silverwood Battalion (Territorial) Essex Regiment Born Park Road, Crouch End, London Sept. Killed in action March 27 1917 Gaza aged 24 (no known grave).