Can't wait to have a Brittany Spaniel one day! ❤

if I ever got another dog this would be it,except the liver and white color just like my old dog zoe was

ahhh so sweet... too bad they kept their tails gonna be hard on them to hunt in the heavy Brush and not get bloody tails from it =(.

Brittany Spaniel dog is a charming dog, energetic with household personality. Brittany comes from France and were bred as gun dogs. These dogs are used to hunt

rileybeann...too cute

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Brittney spaniel in her natural habitat. #dogpictures #dogs #aww #cuteanimals #dogsoftwitter #dog #cute

Brittney spaniel in her natural habitat. #dogpictures #dogs #aww #cuteanimals #dogsoftwitter #dog #cute

brittney spaniels | Brittany Spaniel

Brittany puppy - so many available for adoption on Petfinder. Fantastic dogs with gentle dispositions and beautiful freckles

Brittney Spaniel

Oh my god.if they are not one of the most gorgeous dogs ever I don't know what the world would be

Oliver the Brittany...sweetest..high energy..breed!!  Love my Nellie

Hi, I'm Oliver and I love everything! I like to chew up my toys (which Mommy has to clean up) and chase the cat! I like when you give me belly rubs and treats. I like sleeping in the sun and playing f