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Love you Too much 😇 on

Photocard Namjoon | Álbum Youth

Lord save me from Kim Namjoon. This man is too dangerous for my heart~~


BJJZKI me: pre debut namjoon is so cute smh he- Yall: *throws receipts on how much i love jung hoseok the sun an angel*

BTS Rap Monster is looking more beautiful than most of the people in this world

Kawaii << even his fucking hands are perfect holy shit se ve taaaaan lindo 😍

*・☪·̩͙ ·˖✶үσυ αяε мү gεт αωαү, үσυ αяε мү ғαvσяιтε ρℓαcε*・☪·̩͙·˖✶

Yes, I'm Rap Monster. R to the M, I'm mothafuka Monster.

Kookie Monster slaying the photo quality

Rap monster NAMJOON jungkook KOOKIE bts bangtan photo shoot Rather and baby bonding❤❤❤❤