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DIY Funny, Clever and Unique Couples Halloween Costume Ideas

Dressing up as Santa's little helper is a fun way to fool the kids. But you have to have the costume exactly right so as not to arouse any suspicions. Don't forget your elf shoes, which you can whip up out of leftover costume fabric in a few minutes.

How to Make Elf Shoe Covers

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Sara: My son is wearing a homemade Buddy the Elf costume. The costume inspiration came from his blonde curly hair. The costume was sewn together. A fleece green coat, white fur.

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Claus and Santa's little helper costumes you can help everyone enjoy the holidays in these great holiday rental costumes.

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This is an actual costume from the movie that you can buy. I chose this because it shows me what the costume shape would look like not on a person.

Adult Buddy The Elf Costume

Buddy the Elf Costume Christmas & Holiday Buddy the Elf Costume. Now you can look like the famous cotton-headed ninnymoggins, Buddy the Elf, with this officially licensed Elf movie costume! This festive costume comes with green elf jacket, hat, and