SOUTHERN-STYLE BUTTER BEANS ~~~ first off... don't get it twisted... butter beans = the bigger of the white lima bean family. recipe gateway: this post's link shares the bare bones delicious version we so love and adore in the south AND the following link shows off all that a butter bean can be [USA, Regional South] [magnoliadays] [deepsouthdish]

Butter Beans Southern-Style

It was a typical family dinner at my in-law's house. A big southern feast filled the table. Two main dishes were not uncommon. The sides were plentiful including creamed corn, green beans, macaroni.

Butter Bean Curry Recipe (Vaal Nu Shaak), Gujarati Vaal Nu Shaak

Butter Bean Curry (Vaal Nu Shaak), Gujarati Vaal Nu Shaak

Actually, I miss butter beans and collards. Butter Bean Curry (Vaal Nu Shaak) is Gujarati curry made from lima beans/butter beans cooked in onion and tomato gravy with Indian masalas.

Butter bean mash with garlic, rosemary and chives

Butter bean mash with garlic, rosemary and chives, a great vegan side dish recipe that is low in fat and loaded with protein and fibre. Simple, delicious and healthy. Nice alternative to mashed potatoes

Gigantes Fournou, giant oven baked Greek beans with tomatoes

Baked giant beans and cabbage salad with mustard-yogurt dressing / cookmegreek

Charleston Okra Soup Recipe | Oysters & Pearls

Charleston Okra Soup - oysters and pearls Need beef shank or soup ribs cut into l inch cubes

Soba Recipe (Japanese Buckwheat Noodle) - Eliminate Fish, Soy & Sugar for Vegan dish

Soba Recipe (Japanese Buckwheat Noodles)

Caramel Shrimp (Vietnamese Tom Rim) - Made with fresh water prawn, fish sauce, and sugar, caramel shrimp is one of the most delicious Vietnamese recipes.

Maple Bourbon Apple Butter - Its Not Easy Eating Green

The Fish Guy and Grilled Caribbean Spiny Lobster - Its Not Easy Eating Green

Okra and Butter Bean Stew Recipe

Okra and Butter Bean Stew

Okra and Butter Bean Stew Recipe- Recipes This stew is adapted from my mom's down-home Louisiana recipe, and it turns okra-haters into okra-lovers.