How to Build a Butterfly House

How to Build a Butterfly House

Butterfly House  look , Erica! a house for butterflies!

Butterfly Hibernation Box - I wonder if this actually works. It'd be cool to have a "box" full of butterflies!

Collections Etc.: Spindle butterfly house. LOVE this! They're out of stock, but I bet I could make something similar.

Butterfly House - allows them to rest during their migration, or helps them stay protected in rainstorms. The slotted openings mimic crevices found in wood piles or bark, which butterflies naturally use for protection and shelter.

Butterfly House <3 so nerdy but I love it!!

Victorian style Volery - A large bird cage! Perfect for an elegant Chicken House with fancy chickens! OMG most gorgeous "bird house" I've ever laid eyes on! I have no birds but want it anyway!

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