Simple cable management method

Simple cable management method

Best cable management trick ever

Wooden Cable and Charger Organizer – Cable Management for Power Cords and Charging Cables

Wooden Cable and Charger Organizer – Cable Management for Power Cords and Charging Cables by BatelierHandicraft on Etsy

$9.99 Cablox | The Art of Cable Management | 2-pack - This is a great product from our Danish colleagues at Haveas - #cablox #cableorganizer For more visit: @The Product Farm

Hide Your Ugly Cable Piles With Cablox! - The Product Farm - Where Ideas Come To Life - Product Design

pizzaotter: “mr-franc0: “8bitfuture: “How’s this for cable management?” #Porn ” *brain boner* ”

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We love seeing beautiful cable management like this!

Beautiful cable management

We love seeing beautiful cable management like this!

Take back your space!  Keep your #cords organized and enjoy all of your gadgets in a clean and #organized environment.

How to Hide Cables in a Smart Apartment

This is a how to hide Cables in a Small Apartment with out damaging the walls around it. Install cord cover base, user anchors and screws or temporary adhesive to secure the walls. Strengthen wires (Tech Home Cleanses)

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Office Interiors, Office Design: Fold up power strip on Office Table via

Fils Sans Dessus Dessuos | La vie LC

Fils Sans Dessus

For UK plugs I guess the sockets panel would need to be attached to the back of the cabinet. This looks so neat. Love it. "Use a Cable Organizer - Top 58 Most Creative Home-Organizing Ideas and DIY Projects"

We post lots of tips for keeping your cables organized, but like most cleaning tasks, this one is best dealt with using multiple solutions. Combine our favorite DIY cable management techniques below and keep your cables organized and untangled for good, without spending a dime.

Crafty Cable Management Using Everyday Household Items

Final Frame: Organizing Computer Cables with Binder Clips

I HATE CORDS!  So....Use screw hooks to hang a basket under your desk to keep cords hidden and off the floor.

50 Insanely Clever Organizing Ideas

Power Strip & Cord Storage Keep your power strips off the floor and out of view by hanging a wire basket under your desk. This is also a great solution for short cords that don’t reach the top of your desk without an extension, like a phone charger.

IMG_0232 by JClishe, via Flickr

I used 4 Ikea cable hangers mounted under the desk to run all of my cables on…

Cord management: pegboard nailed to back of desk & plastic pegboard locks to keep the cables in place

Cable management with a pegboard attached to the back of a desk. Plastic pegboard locks keep the cables in place.

Cable Management

Cable Management Audio Video Tips Electronics

good storage idea for all those wires lying around. put the toilet rolls on a shoe box and pack away

Cord Management Life Hacks for No More Tangled Wires!

Moving Hack - Use toilet paper rolls and Paper towel holders for organizing in a move!

Cable management

Cable management

Tie Wraps | cord + cable management

cable management using pegboard + tie wraps (attach to underside/backside of furniture) Fantastic idea. Finally found the solution to my biggest pet peeve!