Kabelrollen zu Tischen umwandeln - eine Ideensammlung für Drinnen & Draußen von freshouse.de

As versatile as wooden pallets, cable spools arise from coffee tables in the backyard to. great wooden cable spool table ideas and get inspired for.


Recycled Pallet Cable Reel Patio Furniture

Tablef - Bookshelf                                                                                                                                                                                 Mehr

Top ideas for DIY cable spool coffee table hacks. DIY effort of this versatile hack is minimal, the small touches gives the look to go with your home.

Create a Romantic Atmosphere with the mirror of an old cable drum and a candles.

7 Times Wooden Cable Spools Became Furniture (And Were Actually Quite Beautiful)

This would make a great DIY.//Lindevegen: DIYspeil endelig på plass:) ✱Hmm, considering for the unframed half-bath mirror.

Cable Spool Bookshelf and Reading Pedestal - this one cut to fit into the corner

Upcycled Cable Spool / Reel Bookcase and Reading Nook; this one cut to fit into a corner.

Im Sommer möchten Sie im Garten sitzen? Das kann mit diesen 10 selbstgemachten Gartenmöbeln! - DIY Bastelideen

Creating a fantastic outdoor retreat is not that hard: pick cute wooden furniture to storage your belongings, sofas and armchairs will help you achieve a comfortable retreat, put colourful flowers in original vases like apple crates, create a cosy atmosph

Oh, now I have to look for an old wood spool because I want one of these!!

Great idea around the pool for the kids eating area. Recycled spool into mushroom table or seat. If only I knew where to find a spool

Eine alte Kabeltrommel kann auch toll als Beistelltisch genutzt werden. Einfach wei anstreichen und hbsch dekorieren. :) #upcycling                                                                                                                                                                                 Mehr

36 Wooden Cable Reel Recycling Ideas: The cable reel which we are talking about is wooden cable reel. This wooden cable reel has multiple uses like to export

Eine hölzerne Haspel kann man oft gratis abholen… 10 raffinierte Haspel Ideen! - DIY Bastelideen

Eine hölzerne Haspel kann man oft gratis abholen… 10 raffinierte Haspel Ideen! - DIY Bastelideen