Cake Pops...How to Do Em Up Right...

winter - new year's eve cake pop arrangement.I like the idea of Cake Pops for New Year's Eve--who wants a big cake at the END of the holiday! These are pretty colors too

Cake Pop Centerpiece

im thinking of doing cake pop centerpieces for dd's christening. also, how do the cake pops stay in place?

I love the cake pop idea. Great for birthday parties, holiday's, or parents anniversary party??  (Wish I'd have done this at my wedding.)

I love the cake pop idea. Great for birthday parties, holidays, or parents anniversary party? (Wish Id have done this at my wedding.

Communion Cake Pop Centerpieces Purple And White Round Lollipop

Image detail for -Lavender and White round lollipop shaped cake pops created for centerpiece accented with gerber daisy.

cake pop bouquet

Hmmmm - did anyone else think fancy marshmallows instead for a more economical way to do this presentation cake pop bouquet Wiggins can sell for mothers/v day

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Another shot of the cake pop centerpieces done for Urban Decay Cosmetics. We placed the cake pops in square glass vases filled with purple crinkle paper and decorated with their logo ribbon and labeled with the flavor of the cake pops

Nautical Theme Baby Shower cake pops. Could use white and glazed donut holes with pink piping gel on them or white mini donuts could b life preservers

Nautical Theme Baby Shower

This centerpiece idea but with the chocolate covered pretzels, or chocolate cigars? no sand, candy fill, and whatever for the vase (mason jar or vases from ben franklin)