Meet Jenny Lee and Sister Monica Joan from CALL THE MIDWIFE - and we shall have cake. All of the cake.

Jessica Raine and Judy Paritt portray the characters of new trainee midwife Jenny Lee and Sister Monica Joan from the tv show "Call the Midwife".

Nurse Trixie Franklin (HELEN GEORGE) | Call the Midwife S5 E1

Call the Midwife enters Swinging Sixties with the Pill, lesbians and Thalidomide

Check out this site where I took this quiz! "Which Midwife Are You? " My result: "Jenny Lee" You are most like Jenny Lee. She is intelligent, polite, and a bit reserved. But she does have a bit of a mysterious rebellious side to her. It takes her a while to get used to new situations and people, but once she does, she embraces them and will bend over backwards to help the people she cares about.

Call the Midwife BBC TV show on PBS Episode Season 1 - this show has given me a new respect for having babies and the women who help bring new life into the has also scared me and my uterus out of wanting babies for the foreseeable future.

Call the Midwife- Chronicles the lives of a group of midwives living in East London in the late 1950s to early 1960s.

Call the Midwife, BBC Based on the memoirs of Jennifer Worth, this is a compelling look at the trials and tribulations of the midwives who worked the east end of London in the - a great watch!

Call the Midwife

Miranda Hart on Call the Midwife: 'There isn't much comedy delivering a baby'

Great TV from BBC - Call the Midwife - Trixie (Helen George, left), Chummy (Miranda Hart), Jenny (Jessica Raine) and Cynthia (Bryony Hannah) are midwives serving London's poor East End in the

Trixie. Call The Midwife

Trixie. Call The Midwife

[caption align="aligncenter" Chummy gets a proper send off. (PBS)[/caption] In the second episode of Season 2 of Call the Midwife, Chummy gets.

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Watch Call the Midwife Season Episode 5 @ Watch The Box - The Eazy way to Watch The Box

Stars of the hit BBC drama swapped their dowdy period uniforms and modest nuns' habits for Dolce & Gabbana gowns and gold Jimmy Choos for the dazzling photoshoot

They can't deliver babies in THAT! After Miranda Hart's dramatic makeover for Tatler, her co-stars on dowdy BBC drama Call The Midwife follow suit for Glamour

Call the Midwife - Jenny Lee-_ Jessica Raine, Trixie - Helen George, Cynthia - Bryony Hannah and Sister Bernadette - Laura Main

Quality Time: Call the Midwife: 50s Inspiration

Call the Midwife features wonderful mid-century clothing including timeless…