With over 30 beautiful examples of a DIY chandelier, we show you how to easily add a little something special to any area in your home.

34 Beautiful DIY Chandelier Ideas That Will Light Up Your Home

Turn your favorite wreath into a chandelier with this adjustable, three-pronged wreath hanger. It'll make a beautiful focal point for your next get-together!

Great ideas for when you have a pool party at OVparks Community Pool. Call us for reservations this summer (916) 988-4373!

Teddy-at-the-Beach Cupcakes

Teddy Bear on the beach cupcakes, love the ground graham cracker sand and fruit roll up beach towel. Can also use gummy life savers and inner tubes and Swedish fish sticking out f the ocean. I LOVE the teddy graham!

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End of summer pool party decorated cookies - sun, surfboard, beach ball, ice cream cone.

Check out this awesome listing on Airbnb: Cally Cave House with Pool,Fira,NEW - Houses for Rent in Fira

Cally Cave House with Pool in Fira Santorini, NEW - Vilas em Fira

Cally Pool, 229 Caledonian Road London N1 0NH

Cally Pool, 229 Caledonian Road London N1 0NH

10 Olympic-Themed Recipes | Love to be in the Kitchen | Bloglovin’

10 Olympic-Themed Recipes (Love to be in the Kitchen)

10 Olympic-Themed Recipes- Make celebrating the Olympics more fun with these sweet and savory recipes! I am so excited for the Olympics! It always feels like such a long wait in between each Olympics

31 of My Favorite Uses for Coconut Oil...I keep coconut oil mixed with a few drops of essential oil in my shower.  Double plus awesome.

Uses for Coconut Oil: 31 Incredible Ways to use Coconut Oil

Who doesn't love coconut oil? Here are 31 of my favorite uses for coconut oil. Coconut oil is an amazing nutritious food and multi-tasker beauty product.

Pool” at Kestner Gesellschaft Cally Spooner

Pool” at Kestner Gesellschaft Cally Spooner

The Nevada-California state line…that is hilariously awesome. I am dying.

The Nevada-California state line…

The Nevada-California state line… MUST DO! Bucket List item: Be in two places at once. In a swimming pool, even better!

Golden retriever puppy :)

"Wet Puppy" ---- [Pirate Scott's Golden Retriever ~ *Dylan* ~ after his first swim in the pool.]~[Photo by Pirate Scott (Scott Beckner) - April 4


Water slide in the closet. Water slide in the closet. Water slide in the closet.