Authentic Black Bean Recipe by Gregory Recipe gpoulten - Excellent recipe. You will need more salt and more like 1 Tbsp or more apple cider vinegar. Also, add more water as they cook to keep the beans covered. They are best made soupy to go over rice!

Authentic Black Bean Recipe by Gregory

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Easy Bake Oven Butter Cookies

Easy Bake Oven Butter Cookies

Find the nutritional value of different quantities of foods.  Search backwards to find a food that gives a percent of RDA of a vitamin.  For example, what could I eat to get 100% RDA of vitamin C?  Add foods together to reach 100% while seeing what percentage of other values you are going to get.  Pizza gives a high percentage of protein but way too much fat and almost no vitamins!

Good for finding specific nutrient amounts in a wide range of foods.

Again, not a recipe, but very necessary for modifying recipes for baking!!! - Recipe Converter Tool

You can use this calculator to make a gallon of your favorite cocktail!

Italian Pork Bread....Anthony Spinelli.

Italian Pork Bread....Anthony Spinelli. How I Left My 9-5: Finances & Timing

How I Left My 9-5: Finances & Timing »

Everyone should have a go-to tomato soup recipe in their arsenal. This one pot dish is simple, vegan, flavorful, and oh-so-satisfying.

1 month of baby food in 1 hour for 20 dollars. She includes recipes. (and uses quinoa and brown rice).

Iam SO excited to make these for my whittle boy. 1 month of baby food, 1 hour, twenty dollars. has amounts of fruits and veggies to buy as well as how to prepare it all and how long it will last frozen. Fresh, homemade is the best!

Will It Grind? with the WonderMill Grain Mills- WonderMill staff created this site to answer the "Will it grind" question, plus give tips for different things.

with the WonderMill Grain Mills. Shows how to use hand grinder and how to grind anything. Wheat rices, beans, corns, nuts etc

Bean Cassoulet with Fennel Spiced Chicken and Roasted Vegetables Recipe : Michael Chiarello : Food Network

Bean Cassoulet with Fennel Spiced Chicken and Roasted Vegetables

Chorizo and Mussels in Tomato-Wine Broth Recipe : Emeril Lagasse : Food Network

Garlic and Herb Dinner Roll Recipe from

Garlic and Herb Dinner Rolls

Garlic and Herb Dinner Rolls.Tender dinner rolls seasoned with onion, fresh garlic and herbs. A great addition to any dinner or holiday meal!