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DIY Cardboard Box Car - Make your own car for adventures like Henry and Buckets!

Car made out of cardboard boxes - Fun craft to keep the kids entertained when boredom sets in, and it's too hot or too cold to go outside and a nice way to recycle a large box too :)

40 fun cardboard crafts for kids -- this i awesome for my babies who always prefer the box over the toy :D

Transforming cardboard boxes into a yellow school bus.

Cardboard Box School Bus

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25 New things made with DIY cardboard box anyone can make

This DIY cardboard box car would be perfect for a baby shower gift wrapping! Just a couple of tweaks will do the trick!

cardboard car toy

25 New things made with DIY cardboard box anyone can make

DIY Cardboard Box Car - maybe with a cut at the bottom for their legs and straps for over their shoulders. running around the backyard with these!

little vw bus box cars made from cardboard!

creative cardboard play

The other day, I decided to get crafty with the kids and we had so much fun with this creative cardboard play! We love how their mini VW Buses turned out!

Here’s a fun spin on a basic ramp for toy cars – build a cardboard box ramps race for Hot Wheels or Matchbox cars! There are two race laces.  Start two cars at the top and see which one wins.  This toy has been a huge hit! I saw this idea on Pinterest, but it...Read More »

Cardboard Box Ramps Race for Hot Wheels Cars

Cardboard Box Ramps Race - Use cardboard to build this back and forth track for Hot Wheels or Matchbox cars. There are two tracks so the cars can race.