A sampling of different types of Cargo Bikes

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How to Build a Two Wheel Cargo Bike

REcycle - How to Build a Two Wheel Cargo-bike

TrioBike V2 : innovative cargo bike, that can transform itself into a regular bike and a stroller

Trio Bike With it’s splendid design and brilliant flexibility, the Triobike is muscleing its way onto the international cargo bike scene. Based in the heart of Copenhagen, the Triobike is everything.

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The Best Family Cargo Bikes

cargo bike, London......voor kroosterijk gezin.....mama kan ook mee!!

Are you brave enough to swap the car for a bike-wheelbarrow cross?

The 8rad.... words cannot describe how much I love this

The is the biggest cargo bike in the world. 5 meters long, 2 meters wide and supported by 8 wheels! We talk with the creator of the Nico Jungel

Babboe Big Cargo Bike from Babboe Cargobikes. This is the number one selling model in Holland.

This Babboe Big Cargo Bike is the first Babboe made. It is very stable due to the three wheels instead of two like a normal bike.