If you just removed carpet and now you need to remove the carpet glue from a concrete floor, here are some tips. The methods below are easy ways for preparing your concrete floors for laminate tile or hardwood.

Carpet glue remover -

Carpet glue remover -

Homemade Burlap and Hot Glue Carpet Binding

When we were ripping out our old carpet in anticipation of the new laminate flooring, we saved the carpet from what was formerly our living.

The Speckled Goat: Removing Glue (or Adhesive) from Hardwood Floors

Removing adhesive from hardwood floors is rarely considered fun. but I& shared my tips and tricks to hopefully make your experience less migraine-inducing.

How to Remove Carpet Glue From Floor Tile | eHow

How to Remove Carpet Glue From Floor Tile

It's almost impossible to install, patch or repair laminate flooring without getting a few drops, smears or gobs of glue where you don't want them.

Removing carpet glue from hardwood floors.

This is going to be a lens about what my husband did to renew our hardwood floor.

DIY Area Rug using duct tape and carpet sample squares

from Artist to Triathlete: DIY Recycled Area Rug

Yellow Carpet Glue Left on Floor

Vinegar for Removing Old Carpet Adhesive

Carpet adhesive will keep your carpet secured to your hardwood floors but it can be a hassle if you tear up carpet only to reveal glue-covered floors. White vinegar is a natural.

How to braid without loose ends - three cuts with ends intact. i've always wondered how to do this!!!!

Braiding Leather - The Magic Braid Create a braided bracelet with a single piece of leather. Use the resulting bracelet with essential oils! Just add a drop or two to the leather and enjoy the benefits topically and aromatically throughout the day.

How To Remove Yellow Carpet Glue or Adhesive

How To Remove Yellow Carpet Glue or Adhesive

If you have ever tried to remove that yellow carpet glue from under a wall-to-wall carpet or rug that you have removed from your floor, you know exactly what I'm talking about.