You can use leftover Harry Potter glasses from past costumes, monkey animal ears, and a yellow pullover sweater to recreate everyone's favorite cartoon aardvark. Plus, you'll score major cool points with all the teens in your neighborhood for this relevant costume.  See the full tutorial on YouTube »

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Laurdiy: Arthur costume ever since her video came out in the beginning of october i decided to be arthur so now i dont have to watch any more costume vids which are filling up my subs

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13 Iconic '90s Cartoon Character Outfits Recreated

13 Iconic Cartoon Character Outfits Recreated Dunno if id wear it but I like it Maybe if it were more muted colours

Dress up as Sadness from Disney Pixar's Inside Out by following this DIY Halloween costume tutorial.

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Love this Russel costume from Disney's Up. How easy to put together from your own closet and can work for both kids & adults!