It is widely known that sprouted grain bread and traditional sourdough bread are the healthiest breads we can eat. Sprouted wheat bread is very nutritious and very easy to digest. Unfortunately, if...

Sprouted Gluten Free Bread

Are you trying to lose weight?Have you found the best weight loss diet in the USA?Here I have found the best weight loss diets and I want to share them with you.

100% Whole wheat bread for the bread machine.  I will sub out the oil with applesauce or coconut oil. Eager to try it!

100% Whole Wheat Bread for the Bread Machine

Banana bread recipe that is dairy and egg free! Lots of good feedback to boot! Going to try it out...

dough ball sizes and weights for common bread shapes?

Becoming Betty: SQUAW BREAD-- like Cheesecake Factory

First off, holy cow did we have the rain here in AZ. I think I'm right by saying we got of our annual rainfall in 8 hrs.

Celiac Versus Gluten Sensitivity- Is there such a thing as gluten sensitivity apart from celiac disease?  (YES!!!)

Celiac Versus Gluten Sensitivity

TONS of great recipes organized by entree/appetizer/dessert with great chicken ideas yum-in-my-tum