I've always loved this idea. One angelic wing and one crippled dark wing. Good VS evil, etc.

Are you concerned about lovely demon wings tattoos? Let's see we are mentioning great demon wings tattoo designs. Now a days we are seeing that one type of tattoo designs that is becoming very popular amongst folks is demonic wings tattoos.

Good Vs. Evil by XhelloaloneX

(Savine and Yinivyre) Good Vs. Evil by XhelloaloneX

Demon w/Open Chest And It's Difficult To Explain But It Would Be Cool Tattoo. Francisco Garces

Concept Art by Francisco Garces

La furia interior Concept Art by Spain based artist Francisco Garces

good vs evil tattoos

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Sad And Happy Mask Black Grey Tattoo

Black and Grey Wash Black and White LA Chicano Gangster Laugh Now Cry Later Masquerade Drama Masks Chest Tattoo Design