Hahahaha chevy ford jokes

A boy in my class was trying to tell me that fords are better than Chevys. Then a girl behind me says,"When we bought Chevys, they always fired back on us." And I said,"It's backfired, and are you sure that your operating it correctly?

Ma- Ma My Mama says that Ford owners are ornery because they got all them car payments and got nothing to drive

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A jacked up truck to be exact!

"I'm the type of girl who would rather ride in a Chevy truck than a Ferrari.

Ha!  It's so true! :D  Sometimes I feel like a guy staring at a girl's butt, but I'm looking at his jacked up truck! lol

I need a sign that says this, so I can hold it up whenever I see a sexy truck.<< pretty much!

answer better be Ford!! but i can also deal with Chevy but if u say Dodge you are disowned, shunned, and banned from me.

He better answer with a Chevy;) ford i would compromise with.Dodge is a big no no!

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Ha I'm a dedicated Chevy girl! Let's just say one thing my daddy thought me was to live Chevys and hate fords.......so I really loved this

She's a dedicated Chevy girl! Let's just say one thing her daddy taught her was to live Chevys and hate Fords. Nobody gives a shit about a fucking Ford!