Most popular 1950s bride Chic Vintage Brides – 3rd Blogiversary

Chic Vintage 1950s Bride

Chic vintage bride Betty Lou Fuller Wedding Dresses Worthy of Royalty, Hollywood Stars and Style Icons from Mill Crest Vintage

Top Wedding Trends 2017 - Mismatched Groomsmen

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Chic Vintage Brides First Birthday and my favourite Chic VIntage ...

First Birthday and my favourite

1905 Wedding photograph of Princess Margaret of Connaught and Prince Gustav Adolph of Sweden, 1905 They all look perfectly miserable.

On April 29, 1924 Chic Vintage Bride Cornelia #Vanderbilt married British Diplomat John Cecil in what was THE social event of the year!

1924 - Cornelia Vanderbilt marries the Honorable John Francis Amherst Cecil. - A respected British diplomat, Cecil marries his bride at All Souls Church in Biltmore Village.

17-year-old Gloria Vanderbilt and Pasquale DiCicco's 1941 wedding

Gloria Vanderbilt was an actress, American socialite, millionaire heiress in December 1941 when she married Hollywood Agent Pasquale DiCicco.

Chic Vintage Edwardian Bride – Eleanor Wilson

Chic Vintage Edwardian Bride - Eleanor Wilson

Edwardian bride Eleanor Wilson, daughter of President Woodrow Wilson, married William Gibbs McAdoo at the White House on May the

Chic Vintage Bride – Vinka Lucas, New Zealand based designer.  She designed her own wedding gown in the 1960s:  500 meters of hand-pleated tulle and Chantilly lace.  Her gown was so heavy, it required curtain wire as support.   She laughingly described her gown as "the greatest monster I ever created".

Chic Vintage Bride - Vinka Lucas

A Vintage Weddingdress. Vinka Lucas in her extraordinary wedding gown. Photograph by Belwood Studios, Auckland.

Chic Vintage Christmas Bride

Chic Vintage Christmas Bride

Irene Reynolds was a Christmas day bride marrying William Wallace in St John’s Church, Newbury Park on December