Are ya'll familiar with the Japanese holiday called Children's Day? I think sometimes my students are convinced that everyday is Children's Day which is why nearly every night is Grape-Flavored Grown-

In the Art Room: First Grade Koinobori for Children's Day! (Cassie Stephens)

Koinobori on Children's Day, May 5th, Japan***my 1st visit to Japan my 1st day there...I couldn't believe they had a day dedicated to CHILDREN! No wonder I fell in love***

Children’s Day by k n u l p May is one of Japanese national holiday called children’s Day. Lots of Koinobori-carp streamers swiming in the sky to celebrate childrens.


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little girl in checkered headband, yellow jacket, checkered leggings and yellow Hunter boots, eating ice-cream.

Modern replica samurai armor on display for Children's Day in Japan

Japanese Samurai Armor - 1 / This Ō-yoroi (大鎧?) [replica] is a prominent example of early Japanese armor worn by the samurai class of feudal Japan. The term Ō-yoroi means "great armor

Children's Day 2011 - Multiple Countries on Various Dates

"Children's Day 2011 - Multiple Countries on Various Days" Apr 2011 Switzerland, Ethiopia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Mexico

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Sweet and Spicy Bacon Wrapped Chicken Tenders

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